Of Loss and Donated Breastmilk

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[Editor's Note: Sometimes the actions of other people, other moms, give me hope for our world. Take Mother of Ambition as an example: She found out friends of hers were adopting a newborn, so she decided to offer a beautiful gift -- donated breastmilk. I encourage you to read the whole post, to see that there is beauty in the world -- even in the face of loss. -Jenna]

Donating Breastmilk:

LecheI have an oversupply of milk and try not to pump too often so as not to stimulate more production but, let's be real here, I'm nursing an infant and a toddler all day long, what's a little pumping going to do, really? When Emma was first born, I had too much milk as well but not like now... not like leaking through bras, pads, and t-shirt every two hours too much milk... welcome to my life.

Anyway, that very night, I pumped a beautiful 5 ounces for this little bundle of so much joy that these incredible people were going to call their own. I proudly poured my liquid gold into a storage bag, something I've never done before since I pump only what I need for immediate use, labeled it, and froze it to lay nice and flat for easy storage in their freezer.


Photo Credit: daquellamanera.

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