Louis C.K. Respects Audience; Makes a Million Bucks

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[Editor's Note:  About two weeks ago, Louis C.K. set out to prove a point by releasing his latest comedy special via his personal website ONLY, for a nominal fee and without any of the usual restrictions of digital distribution. The response was massive, and as a result, Louis is pulling a true Robin Hood, divvying the portion of profits that would normally go to a major conglomerate between his staff, and several charities of his choosing.  Read Louis' latest note to fans HERE. -- Morgan]

Comedian, Louis C.K. decided that working with major networks to promote his comedy specials required him to share his profits with too many companies. As a result, Louis C.K. decided to get a little creative and cut the TV networks out of the deal by selling his latest special, Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theatre, all by himself on the Internet.

Since the special was released on December 9, Louis C.K. has made nearly $1 million in sales, which is nearly all profits to his pocket, because he cut out The Man.

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