A Lousiana School Forces Girls to Take Pregnancy Tests--Or Else

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[Editor's note: What if your teenage daughter got pregnant? Would you make her quit school? Publicly humiliate her? Of course you wouldn’t. But in an appalling case involving the rights of teen girls, a Louisiana high school is forcing girls even suspected of being pregnant to take a pregnancy test. Former teen mom Natasha Vianna explains why she launched a petition to stop the school's heinous policy at Change.org.--Mona]

Seven years ago, I told teachers and administrators at my high school I was pregnant, thinking they'd want to help me graduate and build a future for myself and my child. Instead, they made me feel ashamed and unwelcome, and made it almost impossible for me to attend classes, jeopardizing my education and my future.


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Read more from Delhi Charter School: Stop Discriminating Against Pregnant Students! at Change.org


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