This Love Is Ours

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I wake up at weird times on the weekends, because I work at weird times during the week.I don't hate it.So, yesterday, I was peeling sweet potatoes in my kitchen at 5:00 a.m.I was sliding the potato peeler toward the stainless steel bowl, careful to make sure the peels landed inside the bowl, when I noticed a little brown spot on the potato.These potatoes are a couple of weeks old, and the only reason I was peeling them at 5:00 a.m., was to throw them in a breakfast skillet, because I knew they needed to be eaten soon.I took a closer look and noticed it was a heart!I ran it into the bedroom to show Michael.I thought it was extra cute, because I don't know if y'all know this but, Michael calls me "Sweet," short for sweetheart - which I have no idea where I got that name, because I am a lot of things, but I am generally not very sweet. But anyway, somehow I have him fooled, and for that, I'm grateful.I served M breakfast in bed, then I highlighted my hair, and took a shower, then I was going to get him up. We were easing into a weekend that included fun, festive plans.But then, when I rolled him over, getting him ready for the day, I noticed that dang pressure sore, screaming back at me.Y'all, it's back.Well, I guess I shouldn't say back, because it hasn't technically gone away since before July, but it's back as in it's mad again, and I had to be the mean nurse lady, and put M back on bed rest.I don't know if we are finally getting used to this crap, or if maybe a bunch of people are praying for us, but it was really okay.I was kind of sad to miss the Christmas Parade with my family, but my number one priority was taking care of my husband, and doing everything I could to cheer him up. . . .

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