The Maestro's Famous Mint Brownies (Gluten-free!)

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Our favorite brownies are the ones you can buy on BYU campus--the yummy BYU mint brownies. Over the years, The Maestro has done his best to dissect and perfect a recipe that comes pretty darn close to the ones you can buy at the CougarEat, and I think they might be even better!Sophia loves them, but she hasn't had them for over a year now because of her gluten issues, and I haven't had them for over two years because of mine. The Maestro has been more willing to try his favorites gluten-free in the past few months since he's realized the results are usually pretty great, so I convinced him to make some this past weekend so all of us gluten-frees could satisfy our mint brownie cravings.He obliged, and they were SO AMAZING. . . .

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