A Magical Year

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[Editor's Note: The decision of whether to return to work or stay at home once you have children is a big one. A decision that is complex, multi-faceted and one for which there is no "right" answer, only the right fit for you. - Paula G]

The Most Magical Year of My Life

If you are a long time reader of this blog you know that I was laid off a week or so after my son was born. I lined up a job that was set to begin when he turned six months, but as the start date of my new position approached I had a change of heart.

After an inseparable six months I simply wasn’t ready to hire a nanny to watch him while I worked. It was an extremely difficult decision to make. I didn’t have the contact number for my hiring manager so I sat on the living room couch and typed up an email to him. As tears streamed down my face I gathered up a box of tissues and attempted to explain the predicament I was facing.

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Magical and Difficult Decision to be a SAHM

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