Mail or Delete Multiple Photos with Your iPhone

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[Editor's Note: You can speed up your handling of iPhone camera images with multiple deletes or the mailing of multiple photos at once. Sarah from Life {Sweet} Life takes you through the process step by step. -Virginia]

I consider myself pretty tech savvy, but I also know there are always new things out there for me to learn. And I stumbled upon two such things recently. I might be the last iPhone user to become aware of this, but did you know you can email MORE than one photo at a time from your phone?! Better yet, you can DELETE multiple pictures at a time from your phone, rather than painstakingly going through and doing it one by one by one to bring your camera roll down from the thousands into the hundreds (not that I'd know).

iPhone in pocket
iPhone in pocket by Twicepix via Flickr

Read more from iPhone Tips: Emailing Multiple Photos & Deleting Multiple Photos at Life {Sweet} Life


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