Make Your Own Fortune Cookies

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[Editor's Note: There are certain foods that I rarely give any thought to their origin. Fortune cookies are one of those foods—they generally just arrive at the end of my Chinese meal with the bill, and I eat them and giggle at the fortune, and that's the end of it. I don't think about whether or not they could be made at home. But they could, indeed, and this tutorial explains how! --Genie]

Pastry Origami: Fortune Cookies

When one of our friends stated that she and her husband planned to have a garden party to reveal their new Chinese Garden—a project that had been two years in the making involving lots of heavy equipment, talented artists, and a research trip to China—we decided to pitch in and help with the food. When we were told it would be for 300+ guests we balked. "No problem," we said, because we fancy ourselves both gluttons for both cookies and punishment.

Fortune Cookies

Image Credit: Vanilla Garlic, used by permission.

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