Making Time for What Matters in 2012

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Guess what? It'll be 2012 before you know it... and one thing is certain, we won't be getting more than 24 hours in our days. That means if you want to succeed, if you want to enjoy life, you have to make time for what you really want. Check out this thoughtful article on how to do just that, starting today!

Most people in today’s working world are feeling the pressures of having too much to do and too little time to do it. The stress of trying to do more with less is beginning to take its toll on my productivity and of most of the people I know. The illnesses, mistakes and even accidents resulting from lack of sleep and extreme stress cost us more than what we are attempting to gain by doing too much. The realization that both time and energy are finite has prompted me to take a deeper look. This year, the buck stops here.

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