Mama, Mom, Mommy, Mother: Evolution of a Title

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[Editor's Note: I miss the early days of hearing "mama." It's not that I don't hear anyone call me mommy all day, because I sure do. But there's something sweet about those first mama-utterances. Sarah at Toddler Summer created a cute chart to show how the word evolves, so be sure to click on through to her site. What phase of mom/mommy/mama/mother are you in? -Jenna]

What I Know When He Says My Name:

London He knows my name. And that is love.

At the same time, I know to savor these first “Mamas” since they won’t last forever. The word, along with Miles, will grow and change and evolve. I know this now since he is the second child. But these sounds, these first words of love, will always find a way to echo back.


Photo Credit: erokism.

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