A Man Asked My Son to Mow His Lawn

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File this one under, "Is this racist?" Tracy Lopez from LATINAish writes about how her 13-year old son was approached by a white neighbor... to mow his lawn. While some people might consider this a typical request for a teenage kid, it could also be one of those instances where racism subtly rears its head. Tracy can't help but wonder whether the same thing would have been asked of a white teenager. What do you think?

While I was happy for our son, I couldn’t help but wonder if the elderly Caucasian gentleman would have stopped to ask the blond-haired white boy down the street to cut his grass if he’d seen him out pulling weeds. I’m not offended that the man asked, but I can’t pretend the question didn’t enter my mind. You could say I’m being too sensitive or too paranoid, except that last year when Carlos was out cutting the grass, another Caucasian neighbor stopped their car and called out to him.

Lawnmower, Credit Image: Shutterstock

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