The Man That Shaped My Life

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One year, many years ago, I made a book for my dad, most probably for Father's day.After so many years it was difficult to come up with something meaningful, and not just a trivial trinket that would be tossed in a drawer and forgotten.My dad was gone so much of the time we were growing up, and when he was home, sometimes it was good, sometimes not so good.But I think because he was out of our lives for long stretches of time, memories of our times together were easier to gather from the depths of my mind than if he had been around us day to day.I wrote of everything I could remember, good memories, bad memories, and stories he had to told me.I remembered the time, when I was probably 12, he and I had tickets to see Willie Nelson. I was SO looking forward to it, but being a corporate pilot he was always on call. He was called to fly for the month a few days before the concert. . . .

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