Can a Manager Force my Coworker to Wear a Wedding Ring?

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[Editor's Note: From the files of "really, does this happen?!" comes this question about a co-worker being threatened to wear a wedding ring even though she is not married. Ask a Manager handles this crazy, sticky, and potentially illegal situation with candid advice. The scenario is worth ready simply for the "really?!" factor! -Paula G

My coworker is fairly young, 23, very pretty, and has an outgoing personality. She is in the sales/member services department of our company and has only been here about 3 months. It is part of her job to attend conferences with the manager of that department (she is older) and they are supposed to talk to other companies about joining our company. At the last conference, several men had hit on her, and I guess her manager was annoyed by it and felt this was distracting from her “doing her job.”

This manager “requested” (more like insisted) she buy a fake wedding ring and wear it during this conference, and future conferences. She basically told her, “Either wear that or I am going to have to reconsider bringing you to these conferences.”

Wedding Ring

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