Mariel Hemingway's Anti-GMO Film Project: 'Stop Monsanto'

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Meg, over at Green Divas, posted recently about Mariel Hemingway's new film project, 'Stop Monsanto', which shines a light on genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) that have become so pervasive in the modern food industry. The post includes a Q&A with Ms. Hemingway:

"GD Meg: Why are GMOs so bad?
MH: There are major concerns about the short and long term impacts of GMOs on human and animal health. I’m very concerned about any food I put into my body, and I wouldn’t want to ingest something if I didn’t know where it came from. The fact that Monsanto is spending so much money to make sure GMOs are not labeled and to keep people uninformed should make everyone concerned about the impact GMOs can have on our bodies."


Mariel Hemingway


Image credit: Krista Kennell via ZUMA Press.

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