Is Marissa Mayer Sending the Wrong Message about Maternity Leave?

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[Editor’s note: I didn’t want to weigh in right away on Marissa Mayer. I thought I’d wait until all the hoopla died down, especially the excitement over Yahoo tapping her to be CEO even though she was quite pregnant. Yes, it was a big deal. But the issue that most interests me is Mayer’s announcement that she wasn’t going to take much time off. Mayer is perfectly free to do what she wants, of course, including working 70-hour weeks and hiring as many nannies as she needs. But at a time when only two states offer paid maternity leave, is Mayer sending the wrong message? Melody Wilson at Womens eNews has a terrific post raising the issue.--Mona]

"This may be a turning point for mothers in the corporate world," Kaitlin Rattigan, president of the Philadelphia-based advocacy organization Women's Campaign International, told Women's eNews.

But in dismissing the idea of taking enough time to recover after childbirth, Mayer may be losing out on the opportunity to talk about the importance of offering paid leave to parents--and to make a difference in the lives of millions of parents. Not everyone is able to bounce right back to work after a family member needs care, nor should they be expected to.

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