Matte Topcoat Comparisons, Part 9

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Like my compulsion to buy all the Triple Shine colors that was on display in yesterday's post, my compulsion to buy every matte topcoat that crosses my path continues strong as ever. This time I just have one new one, Paul & Joe Matte Top Coat, which I saw on the Urban Outfitters website when I was buying a Butter London set they had on sale (it contained one of the colors I lost in the great polish crash of '14). The bottle shape is a bit different than the other Paul & Joe in my stash, but like them, it came in a pretty box and has flowers molded right into the glass.To test the matteness of this new arrival, I grabbed my two current favorites, OPI and Wet 'n' Wild.As per usual, I put the contenders over black to best test their finish. . . .

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