Is Merida's Makeover Drowning Out The Real Issue?

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Look, you guys know I care a WHOLE DAMN LOT about body image. A whole damn lot. But this crazy hullabaloo over Merida getting a makeover? I’m not on board.

To summarize: This week Merida of BRAVE fame had her official Coronation as an official Disney Princess, and to celebrate, the Imagineers (or whichever the correct department in charge of Princess merchandise is) gave her a little bit of a makeover. Yes, I love the fact that her story doesn’t revolve around her love of a boy as much as the next raging Feminist. Sure, she’s a little painted up for a sixteen year old. True, they made her waist smaller which is stupid and sucks. And yes, they took away her weaponry. Rabble rabble rabble because our children need more weapons to play with. I’m not saying I’m going to throw a party over Merida’s new look, but let’s be serious. She’s a pretend character who was tweaked to match the other cartoon characters in the line of merchandise in to which she is being inducted.

Women of Earth. If we are going to make this big of a deal about an imaginary woman being redrawn to more “womanly” proportions, then we sure as hell better be ready to make a whole lot bigger of a deal when they do it to actual women and pretend it’s not happening.

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