Mexican Street Food for Cinco de Mayo: Gorditas with Picadillo

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Editor’s note: Jen from Juanita’s Cocina pays tribute to Cinco de Mayo with her take on Mexican street food. She makes gorditas from scratch and stuffs them till they’re bursting with a spicy picadillo. For more festive ideas, check out her list of other recipes from her #HolidayFoodParty peeps. --Jane

Traditionally, gorditas are little, fried corn cakes that have been stuffed with savory fillings. I fried these gorditas plain, and after cooking, I sliced them open and shoved in tons of picadillo (a spicy beef “hash” type of filling). This allows for maximum stuffage, people. And when you’re celebrating Cinco de Mayo, maximum stuffage is key.

Picadillo Gorditas
Image: Courtesy of Juanita’s Cocina

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