Michelle Obama Heading “Women for Obama”

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[Editor's note: Katie's a supporter of President Obama and an admirer of First Lady Michelle Obama -- so her reaction to the news that Michelle was named honorary chair of the Women for Obama initiative, which will target female voters in 2012, was not what I would have expected. This gets into a question we have often asked on BlogHer: What what is the role of a political spouse in a campaign? Is Ms. Obama the right person to lead Women for Obama? -- Julie]

Michelle Obama has become a celebrity in her own right, and is the talk of everything from fashion to childhood obesity.

And obviously she wants her husband to maintain the title of Mr. President.

Still, I can't help wondering if there's something a bit disingenuous about Michelle Obama heading (even if it's as “Honorary Co-Chair) a group called "Women for Obama." I mean, yeah, of course she's the first woman for Obama -- she's the First Lady, for God's sake.

Michelle Obama
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