Mindfulness: Navigating Your Online & Offline Worlds

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I am personally very passionate about mindfulness and the power it has in business. Technology can be a convenient and acceptable culprit to steal presence and peace of mind from us. Yet it doesn't have to be that way (after all WE hold the power to press the OFF button. That is why I loved this thoughtful post on how many successful women are wrestling with how to navigate on and offline living.

Screen time has leaked into every corner of our lives, and I frequently find myself engaged in conversations about it. One person is concerned about texting while walking. Another speaks worriedly about seeing whole families absorbed in their individual screens, alone together in silence. Yet another reflects on her diminishing capacity to go a significant length of time without checking email. (I can relate: I used to forgo email outside of work. Somewhere along the line, probably the day I got my first smartphone, that discipline dissolved and I can’t remember the last time I went longer than maybe 12 hours without checking my inbox.)

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Mindfulness and Technology

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