Bite-Sized Candy Corn Cookies

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[Editor's Note: I'll admit it: Candy corn is a strange little kind of candy. (Same goes for those little pumpkins made the same way.) I happen to love them, but that's not true for everyone. Happily, this recipe provides all the adorableness of candy corn with a delicious cookie flavor, which means it's perfect for those who want all the festiveness, but not the actual confection! --Genie]

Mini Sugared Candy Corn Cookies

I think candy corns are just the cutest thing. Small, colorful, very fall. Unfortunately, I’ve never particularly been a big fan of the way they taste (I know, I’m weird). Enter: Mini Sugared Candy Corn Cookies.

Mini Candy Corn Cookies

Image Credit: Alaska From Scratch, used by permission.

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