A M/M Romance: "Frat Boy and Toppy"

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Every now and then I happen upon a book title that stops me in my tracks and makes me think, "That's so AWESOME!" More often than not, it's not a book that would probably not normally read. The most recent title to do this is Anne Tenino's Frat Boy and Toppy, a m/m romance novel. I love the title but it was really Tracy's review at One Good Book Deserves Another that caught my attention. - Karen

frat boy and toppy anne teninoI loved Tenino's authorial voice. It's got a lovely a mix of witty sarcasm and tongue-in-cheek humor that always appeals to me. It comes through with wonderful clarity in the narrative and imbues both Brad and Sebastian with a sense of lighthearted sexiness that keeps this story far from any significant amount of pathos or angst.

I really enjoyed seeing a coming-out tale that wasn't mired down by a bunch of emotional dreck. There's certainly a place for the serious, emotion-pummeling stuff. I have enjoyed many a thoughtful, heartfelt, intense M/M read, but I also love getting a healthy dose of temperature-raising smutty goodness with lots to chuckle about besides. And that is exactly what Tenino offers readers with this one."

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