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[Editor's Note: I was looking for my oldest son's birth certificate the other day when I came across his unfinished baby book. I sighed and gave myself credit for having one for him; his younger brother doesn't have one at all. Joanna at Baby Gators Den shares how she views her blog and the other tech-savvy things she is doing as a modern day baby book. She really has some great tips that might make you feel better too! -Jenna]

Modern Day Baby Books:

Modern Day Baby BooksMy Mother-In-Law is in the same league as Martha Stewart. She kept an amazing baby book for my husband, detailing when each tooth came in and what his favorite foods at 6 months of age were. The details are incredible and I’m in awe of her record-keeping. I, on the other hand, am not so good in the baby book department. Jackson’s has a few things stuck in there and little Sidney’s sits completely empty in her closet. I always felt a little inferior to my scrapbooking friends until I realized that I *do* keep track of everything, right on this little blog.

I consider myself a 21st century Mom and with that comes “digital” memories. I started this blog 2 years ago to keep track of Jackson’s milestones and stay in touch with family across the country. Baby Gators Den is the virtual baby book of both kids, in addition to our family’s story. I can use the “search” feature in the right hand sidebar to find out when Jackson chewed his crib, had his first birthday party or when I found out I was pregnant with a little girl.

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