Mom, Are You Friends with People Who Smoke?

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[Editor's Note: My boys are in a phase where they are acutely aware of cigarette smoke, that smoking is bad for you and that it seems silly to make a bad choice when you know it isn't healthy. They're also not quiet, so we have loud conversations about smokers in public places and I want to crawl in a hole and die as smokers look at me with a look that says, "Shut your kid up." I want to apologize to them and then bum their cigarette. I also don't want my kids to ever pick up the bad habit I did in college, so I loved Michelle's post at Honest and Truly! I hope my kids make good decisions some day... better than I did. How do you discuss smoking with your kids? -Jenna]

Mom, Are You Friends with Smokers?:

A CigaretteThe other day, the wee ones and I were out shopping. As Mister Man returned the cart to the row of carts, Little Miss and I waited for him in the vestibule between the store and the outdoors. She turned to me, her nose wrinkling, and said, "It stinks in here, Mommy. I can tell lots of people have been smoking by here. Are you friends with people who smoke?"

Are you friends with smokers?

I stopped for a minute. She was right; it did stink. I personally am not a smoker. The smell nauseates me, to be perfectly frank. My dad smoked heavily for years and years, and I used to dream about the day when I owned my own car and house and could tell him he wasn't allowed to smoke there. Fortunately for all of us, he quit smoking before I graduated college (for good this time), so I never had to have those confrontations.

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