Things I Don't Want to Hear: "Mom, Are Those My Jeans?"

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Editor's Note: Have you seen that commercial with the mom trying on her daughters' jeans? Every time I see it, I think, "I don't like this commercial but I don't know why." I'm thankful to Alex at Late Enough for putting words to my feeling. In short and to quote her: "It's creepy as crap." Read on and see if you agree. -Jenna

Here's the commercial before you read on:

As a Mom, My Dream Is Not to Look Like a Teenage Girl:

Look, I have blue-streaked hair. I don’t think being hip or different is a teenage only thing. I don’t think moms have no style or opportunity to look cool and even better than they did in the pimple-popping years of high school. But shopping at Abercrombie and Fitch or fawning over stores with pathetic names like Forever 21 isn’t going to get a woman there. Idealizing youth is forgetting how much it sucked to have no idea who we were or who we wanted to be. I had so little autonomy over my life choices that I didn’t even know what shoes to buy most years — one year I was embracing the “right pair” to fit in and the next I avoiding them so I could be oh so different. Youth is fun and exciting, full of potential and midriffs and braided belts, but it is also gangling and awkward, forgetful and selfish. It’s great for young people. It’s not so great for anyone else.

Mom, Are Those My Jeans
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