Most Embarrassed Mom: A Woman Offered to Feed My "Starving" Child

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[Editor's Note: Kids are lovely. Kids are great. Kids are embarrassing. If you've never been embarrassed by your kids in public just yet, you've either got one coming or you're lying. Misguided Mommy recently had an embarrassing moment that involved her "starving" child and a nosy-but-good-intentioned woman who wanted to help. I would have died -- but not until I gave my child "the look." What's your most embarrassing in public moment with your kids? -Jenna]

The Moment I Wanted to Never Take My Kids in Public Again:

That is a big slice of pizza!"But mom I'm starving and you won't even feed me any more food and I only had one slice of pizza and that's not fair. I'm so hungry."

Then he started doing this weird grunting, whining noise and just totally losing his shit about being hungry. I calmly asked him to wait 10 minutes for his stomach to process what he just ate and he would be fine. I explained that there was no way I could wait 45 minutes for another piece of pizza.

That is when it happened. The lady next to me turned around and said,

"Your poor little boy, he is obviously starving, should I give him half of my pizza?"

I died.

Photo Credit: herrea.

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