Divorce, Control & Mommy's Night Off

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[Editor's Note: Granting control of our child to another person while we have a "night off" can be pretty hard. I struggled with the "but what if he won't go to sleep for someone else" the first time I left our oldest for a date night. Mandy at OMG I'm a Mom! shares about her recent night "off" and how letting go of control to her daughter's dad was difficult. -Jenna]

Mommy's Night Off -- I Survived:

UntitledSo after the “I miss her too much” thing, there’s a deeper issue and that’s CONTROL. I have no control over what they do or what she eats or when she goes to bed or how much TV she is allowed to watch. I know they dyed easter eggs, then made pizza then made a fort in the living room and played with her new hula-hoop according to the photos he texted me. So that’s all good. But I do know she went to be at 1:15am. And woke up at 9. I’m not sure if she brushed her teeth because I didnt ask. I know he’s a good father, there is no doubt about that. But I am sort of structured here at home and I like for her to do things my way. It’s not that I’m mean or whatever, but doing things on my schedule is helpful to me. Does that make sense? It makes it easier to plan out our day. I, of course, allow for some flexibility, but for the most part, I know her sleep schedule and when she’s hungry and that’s really valuable.

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