It's Time to Stop Fighting, Moms

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Editor's Note: Our families are different. Our parenting styles are different. Our priorities are different. Note that I didn't say wrong -- I said different. Like Michelle at So Wonderful, So Marvelous, I'm tired of the defensive, annoying in-fighting between moms. Don't say this! Can't do that! I'm better! You're worse! She's the best! Hush it. Read this, take it to heart, and go hug one another. -Jenna

Moms, When Are You Going to Learn?:

We’ve all become so defensive and annoying about parenting.

Do I make my single parent friends upset when I talk about an awful day that I’ve had when Dave is traveling for work and I don’t have a break? Do they think parenting is a breeze when there are two of us here? {Because it isn’t. Not even a little bit.} Does my friend Jen feel badly about showing off all of the incredible hand sewn curtains and quilt she made for her sweet baby because I can’t sew for shit? Does Danielle feel badly that she runs marathons and training takes time away from other things? Does Kristina hesitate to Tweet that her kids are in bed by seven and she and her husband have some much needed alone time? Does Lindsay feel awkward that she always looks gorgeous next to the other moms at school? Does Emily pause before posting about finally, finally having her depression under control because she knows there are other moms still struggling? Do you neglect to mention that you and your husband are going on a vacation alone and get to sleep in for a glorious week because your sister hasn’t been on a vacation in 5 years? Does the mom buying Lunchables push them under all of the other items in her cart when she sees another parent from school?

Why are we even thinking about this shit? Really, why?

Stop Fighting, Moms
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