monday schmonday

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^^ a few highlights of our trailing this weekend ^^ A thick slice of my made-from-scratch wheat bread slathered in cream style chokecherry honey is just what I needed to wind down the evening after this blustery cold day. The day started when my phone chimed, a text from my neighbor warning me that our patio furniture was blowing down the street, and these gusts of ice cold wind haven't stopped since.Mid morning we made a family trip to a local seed and garden store so that we could browse all of the blends of vegetables. As we left the store holding a bag of envelopes filled with seeds of string bean bushes, peas, five-blend lettuce and carrots, we barely made it to the car while the wind threatened to lift us up and carry us away.We hid out in the house for a while, listening to the wind storms and (finally) finishing the last few episodes of breaking bad. . . .

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