Monetizing: More Than Just a Blog

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[Editor's Note: I see no reason why someone shouldn't monetize her blog if she wants to. Many bloggers have no interest in making money from their blogs, but still more, I'd say, do. I myself started out with the BlogHer Publishing Network and since then have sold a few additional ads myself and done some paid work via BlogHer Reviews. Jamie's journey to monetization yielded some great tips. Check her out! -Rita]

Has monetizing benefited me? You betcha! The money has been a blessing, but even more than that, it has made me see blogging in a different light, and I now take my blog seriously. I want this to be the best, most helpful and encouraging site I can make it. Therefore: I network with other bloggers; I use social media; I consider whether each post is worth posting, or how I can improve it; I make sure to keep my blog design neat and functional; I follow the rules and obey laws about disclosure, etc.; I plan out my posts more than I used to; and I’m always looking for how to improve my blog further.

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