One Hilarious Goat Birth

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Editor's Note: It's close enough to the weekend where we can start sharing the funniest goat birthing stories we've ever heard, right? This one from Valentine's Day is still my favorite. --Heather

So, you all remember Polly, right?  She's our Nigerian Dwarf goat that was due any day. She is a first time freshener, which means this is her first time having babies.  We waited a little longer than usual and didn't breed her until she was about 2 years old.  After her whirlwind romance, she became pregnant.
The hussy.  
I knew her due date was Feb. 15th, which is why I thought it was strange when she started to go into labor early.  FYI, it's actually really hard to tell if a goat is starting to go into labor.  The best advice I could give you is to look for any change in behavior.  
You're probably all like, "And how exactly am I supposed to notice a goat's change in behavior?" 


Image: jurvetson via Flickr


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