A Glimpse of the Future: A Mother and a Friend

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[Editor's Note: I've heard many-a-time that, as mothers, we can't be our kids' friends. Stephanie at The Leaky Sippy seems to understand that concept, but also sees little glimpses of what the relationship might be like someday between mother and daughter -- and she likes it. -Jenna]

A Mother and a Friend:

BffI like to think me and K have a special relationship. I had her when I was youngish. In a way, we kind of grew up together. I am not the mom who just wants to be friends with her kids. I take this job pretty seriously and K would tell you the same thing. We have rules. She has chores. I'm not always happy with her and vice versa. Sometimes, we need a break from each other. Other times I can't even stand the thought of her being so big already. Driving is only 3 years from becoming a reality. College. All of it is speeding towards us so quickly my heart hasn't caught up to reality.

But, when K and I set out on our own to have some fun we are like two teenage girls giggling our way through life. Together. There are little glimpses of the relationship I hope to have with her when I can't ground her anymore as she grows into an adult.

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