Beware the Minivan Mom!

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Editor's Note: I have a question for all you mom drivers out there: Do you race people in your minivan? Like from stoplights and such? No? Okay. Nevermind. Not important. You might like Katie's post at Footy Pajamas whether you're a minivan racer or not, especially if you've watched someone floor it to beat you off of a light. Ah, the mom van. -Jenna

The Mother Road:

I'm driving a MINIVAN.

And incidents like this, in my experience, are not that unusual. I mean, nobody likes to be passed, I guess. But. Since becoming the owner of a minivan, I have noticed that there are certain drivers out there who are, say, intimidated? by an approaching van. They see a white Town & Country appear in their rear view mirror and they get flustered, their egos completely on high alert, refusing to be passed by the proverbial Mom Car, the definition of All That Is Uncool In the World, and their foot hits the gas.

As the driver of a minivan, I find this to be wonderfully entertaining.

Minivan Mom
Credit: microcline.

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