A Mother's Story: Sharing The Kitchen With A Son With Cerebral Palsy

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[Editor's Note: I loved this story, which chronicles the history of a mother who wanted her son, who was born with cerebral palsy, to share cooking and time in the kitchen with her. From figuring out accommodations to better fit his abilities to helping him make his soon-to-be-famous hexagon-shaped cookies, this is a wonderful post about love, patience, and the magic that happens when families connect over food. --Genie]

Cooking With Scrambled Legs

I wanted my kid to look out in awe at aisles and aisles of food. I wanted him to reach for anything and everything he found curious. I wanted him to touch the same green plastic bar every other snot-nosed kid had slimed. So I plunked him in the cart and there he sat, wobbly but upright, poor kid, sporting the orthotic helmet the doctors had prescribed.


Image Credit: Jess Thomson, used by permission.

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