"Jurassic Park 3D": Is A New Dimension Worth Another Viewing?

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[Editor's note: It's been twenty years since Steven Spielberg first showed us what Dinosaurs would look like in the modern world with Jurassic Park, and now those giant lizards have returned to the big screen in eye-popping 3D. Nat of Frothy Girlz had a chance to preview the digitally enhanced epic. --Morgan]

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Unless you’ve been living in a bathtub eating spaghetti for the last 20 years, you already know the plot: eccentric billionaire John Hammond (Richard Attenborough) has discovered a way to clone dinosaurs. There’s an accident, and his investors are concerned about the safety of the park, so Hammond invites paleontologists Alan Grant (Sam Neill) and Ellie Satler (Laura Dern), as well as even-more eccentric chaotician Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) for a weekend stay. They discuss the philosophy of creating such a place, some kids show up, the dinos get loose and so does all hell.

Now it’s been converted to 3D, and pretty damn well.

Spielberg oversaw and approved the conversion by Stereo D, the team that similarly converted Titanic to 3D. And, as the press notes included in the screening invite often point out, a team of over 700 worked on the project, apparently rendering more 3D rain drops than have ever been put on screen. It also puts the bulk of its emphasis on the look of the dinosaurs, which still hold up effortlessly after 20 years. But I honestly don’t think the 3D adds any more to the thrills that were already there, perhaps because they were already there.


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