Moving On From Grief

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How does one move on from such a tragic loss at an early age? As this blogger demonstrates, with bravery, grace and one day-week-month-year at a time:

"I think when something tragic happens to a person, you can go one of two ways: you can wallow in it or you can rise above it. I’ve always been one to rise above. In the years that followed my mum’s death, I went to counseling, talked openly about what had happened and in some ways distanced myself from other family members who were stuck in their grief, sadness and blame. I miss her every day and feel sad for all the experiences we won’t share, but I haven’t let it hold me back from the life I have wanted to live. Her death inspired me to live life to its fullest potential and in the last 14 years I’ve done everything in my ability to do just that."


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Image credit: Zawezome via Flickr, Creative Commons.

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