Moving Tips & Tricks (Plus a FREE Moving Checklist)

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[Editor's Note: I'm in the process of moving and it sucks. My hands are smudged with newspaper ink as I type and there is sweat on my brow from heavy lifting. I started wondering if there were any tips and tricks to make this process at least a little easier. Enter I Heart Naptime. I discovered a post with a plethora of tips and even a check list to ease my moving pain. I do love a good list. I'm still going to have to pack boxes, but this list somehow makes it seem a little less daunting. - Jen]

Moving tips {how to stay organized}

Movers in Austin are well over $150 an hour. The fewer boxes I have to pay them to lug from point A to point B the better. Loving these tips, especially the ones about utilizing your space: "Store items inside of large bowls and pots. I stored my spices in my crock pot. Always be thinking about how to utilize your space."

Moving tips {how to stay organized}


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