A Muslim American Reflects on the Benghazi Attack

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Tuesday's attack on a U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya has shocked many Americans. And that often puts Muslim Americans in the difficult position of fielding questions from friends about why? As Amanda Mouttaki, a blogger at Multicultural Familia writes, she doesn't have any answers.

It never fails. Whenever something happens in the world by those who believe they are “protecting” Islam, I am bombarded with questions by fellow Americans about why. I wish that I had an answer. Today was no different. There is no reason; there is no excuse for the behavior that has been exhibited in Egypt and Libya by a handful of thugs hell-bent on causing damage. If only they would step back and realize how their actions are more damaging than the ideas they are arguing against.

TRIPOLI, Sept. 13, 2012 Libyans take part in a protest against the killing of U.S. Ambassador to Libya and others in Benghazi at Martyrs' Square in Tripoli, Libya, Sept. 13, 2012. (Xinhua/Hamza Turkia) (Credit Image: © Hamza Turkia/Xinhua/ZUMAPRESS.com)

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