Broken: Where Is the Self-Compassion?

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[Editor's Note: Do you find it super easy to be compassionate toward other mothers going through self-doubt and the general woes of motherhood? But, at the same time, you're beyond hard on yourself? Grace at Gabbing with Grace wrote about that very thing recently and did so in a way that made me want to hug her -- and myself. -Jenna]

My Broken Hallelujah:

broken glass 2I want to be a more engaged mother, a kinder mother, a more loving mother. All noble, all good. Here’s the thing, in my head, it sounds like this: “what kind of mother do you think you are exactly?” and “you suck as a mother,” and “your kids deserve a better mother.” Ouch.


My brain refuses to draw a happy middle line, something along the lines of “you did a great job NOT yelling at the kids when you wanted to erupt. How ’bout tomorrow we shoot for an even better response?” Why, for example, does it take an insane amount of energy to treat myself as cordially as I would any other mother struggling with the same issues? Because I would, Moms of the world! I have compassion overflowing like the over-heated lasagna.


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