My Girl Inherited My Body. What About My Body Doubts?

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[Editor's Note: It's amazing how having a daughter shines an internal spotlight on the conversations we women have with ourselves about our bodies. (Lucky me dodged that bullet: I have only a son, but plenty of body issues.) Angella from Dutch Blitz was recently interviewed by a Canadian magazine about whether her daughter had body issues—and that conversation sent Angella off into having a discussion with herself about her own body issues. Read on.—Stacy]

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I was contacted last week by the magazine for a large Canadian drug store chain (Shopper’s Drug Mart) to see if I would be willing to be interviewed. The topic: “My five year-old daughter told me she feels fat. How do I handle this?”

I wrote them back and said that my daughter hasn’t struggled with those “fat” feelings. Yet. I know that they are coming down the pipe because we live in a culture that is obsessed with weight (and lack thereof) and I am a girl myself. Thankfully, my daughter is currently oblivious to the husky build that she inherited from me. They still wanted to interview me, and they did, and I’ve been simmering on that conversation ever since. Because it wasn’t really about my daughter; it was about me.

I was a “big girl” growing up. Not obese, no, but my thighs rubbed together and I could easily be described as ‘thick.’ I am predisposed to be that way…

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