My Home Isn't Broken!

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[Editor's Note: When someone talks about divorce, especially one involving children, the phrase "broken home" is sure to be thrown about without a second thought. Emily at Emylibef wants you to know that her home is not broken, her family is not broken. No fixing needed. They're just fine. It's something to keep in mind next time you're discussing divorce. -Jenna]

My Family Is Not Broken:

Broken Glass at Work-6I’ve been watching Mad Men a great deal lately.

I like it for the sap, the storyline, and the amazing clothes.

The men in my house like it for Christina Hendricks’ boobs. And maybe I do too a little.

Several episodes I’ve recently watched have made use or mention of the phrase “broken family” or “broken home.”

And I get it. It’s a phrase. People use it. I can even see how it applies a bit. I get the imagery.

“What God hath joined together let no man tear asunder,” or something to that effect.

Well, great. I’m happy that people have a picturesque tableau in their minds and all that.

But guess what, people? Fairy tales are shit. Cinderella’s feet probably got sweaty and fogged up in those glass slippers (I had a teacher in seventh grade who wore clear pageant shoes all the time and her feet did that), and I bet Prince Charming spilled his chamberpot a time or two. And ‘happily ever after’ could totally mean that Cinderella walked away with a tidy divorce settlement and lived independently off her alimony.

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