My Kid Got Hurt on the Playground When I Wasn't Looking

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[Editor's Note: If your child has ever gotten hurt when you weren't looking, you might identify with a recent post by Izzy Mom. Her son got hurt while he was playing out of mom's eyesight, leaving her questioning herself. Read her whole post and chime in with whether you have the same internal battle of wanting to let your kids have a carefree childhood and still wanting to watch them, for them to be safe. -Jenna]

Free Range Parenting Fail or Accidents Happen?

Day 133: Playground at Dusk“He’s going to need stitches” the nurse told me. I got the brief overview on what happened, thanked her profusely, scooped him up in my arms and hustled back down the field to grab my daughter and get him to a doctor.

He was a real trouper and went home and hour and a half later with a few staples in his head and a great story to tell everyone at school while I wrestled with a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Was I irresponsible?

Should I have been there with him?

Who helped him?


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