My Kids Made Me Wonder If I Am a Hypocrite

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[Editor's Note: There's nothing quite as humbling as having your young child take you to task on a lesson you've tried to drill home with them over the years. Carrien at She Laughs at the Days recently was called out by her nine-year-old over a toy that he wanted to give to kids who need toys... one that she had planned on saving for a younger brother, saving as a legacy toy for future generations. She wondered what to do, what the lesson to teach in this specific case was. What would you do? -Jenna]

Maybe I AM a Hypocrite:

Lego BricksHe came out of his room with the wooden toy garage and the collection of cars. "I want to give these away mommy, maybe not to the orphanage because that many kids might fight over it but maybe a boy at Bridge of Hope would like it. And I want to give my Legos away too."

"I don't know," I say. "I always thought those toys would be passed on to Bam Bam. Those toys are the kind that are sturdy and last a long time. I bought them expecting to have them for all of you kids to play with."

"But the Legos are mine." he said, "They were my birthday presents. So I can give them away if I want to."

"Don't you want to give them to your baby brother?" I wonder, "He'll want to play with them in a year or two."

"No", he says, "I want to give them to a kid who doesn't have anything to play with."

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