What Is "Healthy"?

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Editor's Note: In this post at A Healthy Slice of Life, Brittany emphasizes the difference between dieting and being healthy and why she prefers to focus on the latter, rather than the former. -- AVF

I'm a fan of the annual physical. I recently had my blood work drawn and just received the results. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing I’m in the healthy range. Well, one thing bring me more joy -- comparing my numbers against… my numbers. Please tell me you have a folder with your health history, too?

Photo by Brittany.

I pulled out my physical results from 2006 and 2010 and decided to compare. I'm sure you've heard me mention that after graduating from college is when I decided to focus on getting healthy instead of jumping on another diet. I graduated college in 2006. Check out how things have changed since then.

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