My Mother Tip: Find What Works For You

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When my blogger friend Courtney of the Lil Light O Mine blog posed the question to fellow mothers and bloggers: "What simple tip makes your job as a mother easier?", all kinds of little ideas ran through my mind.I lay out my clothes at night for the next day.I make my bed every day because it immediately makes me feel 10 times more productive and orderly.I make the effort to always have a few freezer meals to rely on during busy times, and I usually will do my freezer cooking on Saturday mornings, before our day gets busy.I plan weekly dinner menus.And that's when it occurred to me: I have always loved to hear about other mothers' tips and tricks. I love to read about other family's schedules and lifestyles, and I enjoy hearing about or seeing the traditions and activities that other moms create and plan for their kids.But I also have come to know that just because something works for another mom or another family, it won't necessarily work for me or my family.And I think it can be easy, for new moms especially, to read about a tip or a family tradition and to think "oh I should do that!" and perhaps end up feeling a little defeated or guilty when it's stressful or difficult to implement that into your own life.So my tip for other moms out there to make life easier?Find what works for you and your family. My kids are still young, but as we have emerged from the baby stage into the toddler and preschool stages, I am much more aware of and accepting of my own limitations.No other family has the same schedules, the same priorities, the same needs and the same goals as my family, so it's become important for me to remind myself, constantly, to appreciate and admire the efforts of other moms but not try to replicate if it does not fall within my realm of priority, interest or talent.I have picked up many awesome tricks and ideas from social media sites like Pinterest and from bloggers that I follow and love, but I have never really suffered from "Pinterest-envy" - because I am more focused on finding what works for my family than duplicating what others are doing.Try new things when you need a new solution…and then find what works for you and your family. . . .

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