My Name Is Not Mom!

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Editor's Note: "Are you mom?" Has a medical professional, teacher or someone else ever asked you that question? Have you ever wanted to reply with, "I'm his mom, not your mom!" If so, or even not, you need to read Amanda's post at The Declassified Adoptee. Maybe you'll rethink how you approach new moms and choose your words a little more carefully. -Jenna

My Name Is Not Mom: Why Identity Is So Important to Me:

Calling me "mom" may have been their way of affirming an important role I have in my son's life. However, calling my by my actual name instead is a matter of showing respect. I am not their mom, I am my son's mom.

Yet this isn't a conversation about respect; it is a conversation about identity. "Mom" isn't who I am; it is part of who I am. It is one element of my identity that intersects with other elements. I am a proud mother to my children. I am also a social worker, a health care professional, a student, a daughter, a wife, and more. When you understand all of the roles I hold, you understand what strengths, support, and resources I bring to the table to help with my son's care.

Not Mom
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