My Pet Troll

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Guys, I've got a troll.Not the weirdly cute kind with the colorful hair and trendy little belly button jewel, but the kind I imagine has teeth like a meth head and yells at puppies for fun.I don't know why I'm sharing this with you today, probably because I share just about everything here, but it's time to give my new pet troll a little bit of attention. Mostly because I'm assuming she (Also assuming this person is of the female persuasion because I don't know many men who would waste their time with such nonsense.) doesn't get it from anywhere else and also, a little bit, because she frequently comments on my blog but doesn't leave any sort of contact information behind, meaning I can't directly respond to her. Gah, I can't imagine why?I know why trolls do what they do and I know I'm not at all "really the worst ever", as she's most recently informed me. . . .

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