My Post-Pregnancy Marathon Plan

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Marathon Mamas are commonplace these days. British long distance runner Paula Radcliffe won the New York Marathon in 2007 nine months after daughter Isla was born. American runner Kara Goucher placed second in the Arizona Half Marathon four months after giving birth. Anna Bretton recently ran the Oakland Marathon just six weeks after her delivery. NYC Running Mama, who is due with Baby #2 in late September, wants to be part of that club. She writes:

I plan/hope to run either the NYC or Philadelphia Marathon in November.

Even though I had promised my husband I would keep a certain goal private until I knew if it was feasible, I have decided to share it.  I still am not sure if this is completely feasible (for me) but since the story of Anna’s [Bretton] feat occurred just two days after my conversation with my husband, I took it to be a sign that it’s something I can accomplish.

Keep us posted Michelle - we'll be rooting for you! ~js

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