My Six-Year-Old Used the F-Word

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[Editor's Note: No matter how careful we are with our own words at home, our children are going to hear it. Maybe from Grandma. Maybe from Grandpa. Maybe from that snit of a girl that lives down the street that's already too popular for her own good. Our children will hear it. They will internalize it. And one day, they too will use... the f-word. How do you deal as a parent? -Jenna]

The F Word:

The F LetterThat's when she said it. The F word. (Not that F word. Jeez, people, she's six.)

"MOM! Did you just call me fat?"

Fat. Fat. FAT.

I was taken aback and aghast and bewildered. Where did she get that?

Like just about every other red-blooded American women, I've got my own peculiar set of body image issues, but I have been very, very careful not communicate so much as a hint of those to Adelaide. I have never asked, "Does this make me look fat?" I have never talked about the need to lose or gain weight, being unhappy with the way I look, nothing. I try to speak in terms of health, and on the few occasions when I have rejected a certain item of clothing, I put it in terms like, "It's not flattering on me," trying to be clear that every one is a different shape, and that's okay.

And yet here she is, a newly minted six year old, accusing me of calling her fat.

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