My Teens Don't Lie! No, Really!

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I have to admit something: When I read chickymara's post about how her teens don't lie, I snorted. Riiiiight, I thought. Having told some whoppers in my day, I just couldn't believe it.

But this mom also told her share of big lies back in the day, and so she can spot one a mile away. On top of that, she's created a "no need to lie" environment, and it's working really well for this family. I'm deeply intrigued.

Just reading some of the things her kids are up-front and honest about gives me hope for the teen years in our home:

no liesUnfortunately for my kids, because I told all of those teenage lies, it’s pretty hard to pull one over on me. Having ‘been there done that’, I can spot Pinocchio’s nose growing from a mile away. But, that never really happens, because, as I said, my teenagers don’t lie to me.

How do I know that?

It’s possible one of them said, ‘Can you drive me to my friend’s house so I can drink? I don’t want to drink and drive.’

It’s possible that they call me and said, ‘Can I skip class right now. There’s a substitute.’

It’s possible that they call me and ask if their friend that’s a boy but not their boyfriend can sleep over.

I know what a unicorn means in the teen girl world. I know who has tried drugs, who’s on the pill, who’s parents are splitting up. I know a lot. I mostly know everyone’s secrets. Sometimes I know more than I want.

She goes on to explain how she made a "no need to lie" environment. Do you have a similar experience going on in your house?

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